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The R&D center for permanent magnet generator of our company is led by the first-rate expert who enjoys the special allowance awarded by the State Department, the expert has devoted himself to the research, now we have products series design scheme with independent intellectual property right. Our products adopt optimum pole slot configuration, and have shorten magnet circuit and the pitch of stator winding which make the structure design of the products more reasonable, and reduces material consume by 15% compared with like products. Thus the products are small and light. 


The start torque is lower by 40% than national standard, while the whole efficiency of the generators have boosted by 10%.In order to improve the wind utilization rate, We have developed a new kind of PMG with low frequency and high efficiency recently, whose speed of voltage buildup is lower, so it has a better performance in gentle breeze.


The stator and rotor of generator apply high grade cold rolling silicon sheet, with high intensity and characteristic of uneasily deformed; the stator windings are wound with 180 grade combing paintcoat series enamel-cover round copper wire, especially it is impregnated by the techniques of combing process of vacuum constant temperature and constant heat, it has elevated insulation grade .


We apply high quality 40SH42SH40UH rare-earth NdFeBNeodymium Iron Boron) Magnet to our generator. The fastness of magnet steel of rotor adopt inlaid type process, strong adhesives splicing ,furthermore epoxy resin encapsulating technology which increase stability and corrosion resistance of magnet.


We choose professional completely-enclosed NSKNTNSKFC&U bearings and nickle plated 40Cr steel shaft with quenching and tempering treatmentthe outer frame  is Zinc plated  with anti-corrosion treatment.We believe high quality material and advanced craft is the firm guarantee of the high quality products. 


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